Tuesday, September 22, 2009

summer fun

OK, I admit I have become slothful in my blogging. I keep telling my self I am soooo busy, and I am.
Not a good excuse when I am using this blogging thing as a journal. I have never been good at keeping journal... I am telling myself I will do better.

This summer has been an eventful one. We have been in UT. more than at home, Mark has been working like an ox here, and I so love him for that.The kids and I are lucky enough to tag along. We have been here since Aug. 27th. I thought I would never say this... but I am ready to go home, and be there for a while.

My sister and her hubby have been letting us stay here at their house and we love them for their kindness, and their awesome skills in the kitchen. We eat like royalty hear. I love it.
The boys and I have been having tons of fun. With the weather so nice, we spend most of our time outside doing what ever we can think of. Which can get a little crazy sometimes.

upgraded to a bigger bike and finally a helmet ( because he is a big boy now) and spends most of his time riding and mastering his skills. He plays school with his older cousin every day, and I am sure he is learning more from her than me. She is such a good teacher! He makes me laugh frequently throughout the day at the clever things he says and does, and is a big helper, especially with taking dirty diapers to the outside trash, and washing dishes. He loves me to read to him, and he loves to "read" to me too. I love it! The quiet times I get to spend with him I cherish even more now because they are less frequent. Kadens favorite thing to eat right now is string cheese.

Nick will be 8 months old on the 15th and is pulling himself up to everything. This growing up thing is happening all to fast. He mastered crawling at 5.5 months and since then every mile stone so far has been a blurr. He has 8 teeth now and thinks biting is a game. Not so funny. I think he weighs 21lbs and shows no signs of slowing down. He is so happy all the time, always smiling, laughing, easy going, loves to be outside, easily comforted, strong, smart, and I can tell already he is going to be a lot like his brother. He watches Kaden intently and loves it when they play together. His favorite thing to do right now is follow the vacuum around, also trying to play in the toilet. His favorite thing to eat right now is creamy sweet potatoes , and of coarse... Me.

My sister and I went to visit my brother in Syracuse a few weekends ago. It was really fun, especially since they foster care for two special needs children, and my sister in law had her sister with down syndrome visiting too. Those kids are so special I love to be around them and feel their sweet spirits!

We went to tTemple square and the church museum also. It is so beautiful there!! We all had fun.

I had my sister snap some shots of us while the leaves were changing. It was merely an attempt at an updated family picture. Their is something off in every picture ahhhhh, but hey, we tried. The trees were so vibrant, it was beautiful. We are lucky to be here at this time of year.


Karl Johnson said...

Looks like a lot of fun out in those woods. Some of the pictures look like a painting was edited in for the background!

Jess said...

Nick is so big! I am sad that you were in Utah for so long but we weren't :( oh well, hopefully we will catch you soon. You guys look gret in your pics!

Maranda Whittle said...

Wow, it's a miracle...you updated!

Those Utah trees are beautiful. That's what I love about being in Illinois.

Lisa has lived in Utah for 2 months now and absolutely loves it!! Glad you're doing good...and you look georgeous by the way!

Aut said...

Love the update! Your boys are SO big and ADORABLE. You look gorgeous as usual!!

The Garrison Family said...

Yeah an update! Holy gorgeous trees in the background! You guys all looked fantastic, I would have to say the "attempt" went well :) I want to see your boys, they are so big. It's crazy how fast it all goes.

Rushele said...

I can't believe how big your baby has gotten! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!!
Your family pictures in Utah are so cute, I love how pretty it is there!

Vanessa said...

You look really skinny in those pictures Shalice.

Tawna said...

Shalice...it looks like you are busy! I'm bummed you were in Utah so much and I didn't get to see you! Maybe next time...or maybe if we move to AZ :)