Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Introducing the newest member of our family,

7lb 15oz
20in long

He came a little late according to the due date, and a little early by way of the induction time, and in no way did he come anywhere near my time. Oh well... better luck next time!

I was expecting to have a more calming and spiritual experience this time around because I knew I was going to be induced, and deliver without an epidural this time. I had it all planed out. I knew when I wanted a priesthood blessing, I knew how I was going to focus, and what primary songs I was going to sing to take me to "my zone" (in my head of course as not to frighten anybody). I knew what clothes I wanted wear, waterproof mascara, and the red lipstick with leg warmers to match. I even knew how and where I wanted Mark to stand and what I wanted him to do. Yeah, It didn't all work out the way I had imagined.

Now, I will briefly share how it all went down!

Sunday morning at 2:40am something wakes me from my not so deep slumber. I think that was a contraction, I cant quite remember what they feel like. So, I do nothing till I realize that they are occurring every 3-5 min. They don't hurt yet, so I think nothing is happening. I time them in out of a drowsy state and finally at around 3:30am I get up to go to the bathroom to relieve some of the pressure I am feeling, and in the mean while I get a drink and some paper so I can more precisely time what I think are contractions. Yep, approximately every 2-4min now. So I am convinced that what I am feeling must be contractions. Still very bearable pain so I don't think anything needs to be rushed. 4:00am now I go the bathroom again, this time I see something different. So, I wake up Mark and tell him we will need to leave soon, but I want to take a shower first. He says ok, helps Kaden go the bathroom (he has woken up for potty break himself) and falls back to sleep fast. Its about 4:50am now I jump in the shower and start shaving my legs when I was suddenly doubled over by some sort of pain I had never felt before, and all the sudden the "urge to push" was slightly unbearable. I hurried and washed out my hair, got out of the shower and went to wake up Mark to tell him we need to go NOW! At that moment I felt more pain that brought me to my knees this time and I think I may have scared Mark and Kaden both, Mark is calling Matt and Candee at this point (thank goodness they live so close.) Kaden comes over to me and asked if I was ok, gave me kiss and was whisked away to the cousins house. Mark was gone approx. 5 min and in that time I had managed to get my bra and blue house coat on in between two more contractions. I was starting to get worried now, so I had started to pray to ask for help to deal with the pain and stop the urge to push, those of you that have had babies know that that is slightly impossible. The second Mark walked back in, my water broke. I now finally realize just how close things are going to be coming to an end and tell Mark to call 911 because I don't think I can make it to the hospital. ( as you can tell I am slightly starting to panic). Then I change my mind and say lets go. 5:10am Mark didn't let me down! We were going 95 mph the whole way there and I had him call the hospital on our way to let them know we were coming. Don't think we stoped for any stop sign's or the 4 red lights we ran (one infront of a cop, he must not have been paying attention.) I only had 4 contractions in the truck and poor Mark all he heard was me praying, ok pleading and begging intensely with the Lord to not let the baby come yet. This no pushing thing is really hard to control. He was very supportive just telling me to wait (yeah right) and we are almost there. So, we pull into the ER entrance and they are there waiting with a bed, they lay me down and take me in. My doctor had just walked in as well, (he was still in his street clothes). He just looked at me and said "yep you can push." FINALLY!!! 4 min. and 4 pushes later here is this beautiful little baby on my chest crying his little lungs out. And I just fell in LOVE all over again. AMAZING!!!

So we left at 5:10am and I delivered at 5:29am. Mind you, the hospital is usually a 20min drive from our house. GO MARK!

Here is what Kaden has been doing lately! He learned how to ride his bike without training wheels about 3 weeks ago! He is not even 3yrs old yet. He practice in his cousins back yard. Sadee practiced with him for about 30 min. then he had it down. Now we cant seem to get him off and he is is learning new tricks on it every day it seems. This kid amazes me.