Friday, May 23, 2008

NICE weather!

I hope every one is having as much fun with this wild and crazy weather in May as we are! No seriously, it's 1:20pm and its 57 degrees outside. NICE!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Snake Hunt

So, last week for FHE we went snake hunting with some friends in our ward. YES... snake hunting, the real deal. Lucky us, we still have the undeveloped desert down the street! We went riding that morning and found a big fat 4-5ft. snake, Mark wanted to keep it, but since it was a harmless snake I talked him into letting the poor thing go. Later that evening, Mark is telling his buddy what we found, and all of the sudden without hesitation we are snake hunting for FHE. Of course we have to go find that snake, rite? So, Mark packs a car battery in a pack so we can have a spot light, and I get to pack Kaden in. (Yes, we took Kaden.) Our friends, lucky them had all their kids in bed! Off we go hiking around, Tank (our dog) is with us too. About 45min into the hike/walk, we notice Tank rustling around in a bush and sure enough, we hear a rattle...enjoy!
(sorry the video is so choppy, we only had the phone)

THEN, This week for FHE... You know what they say... Taste like Chicken!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Boy and his Dog!!

I'm not sure how I feel about this. As Kaden is being so sweet sharing his popsicle with Tank, the only thing I can think of is... Dogs mouths are cleaner than ours right, or is that a farce. Oh wait I just saw him lick his you know what (the dog not Kaden)it can't be. Well I guess it never hurt me (because come to find out I shared my snacks with our pets as well when I was little.). So I am just wondering, should I be worried that Kaden willingly swaps slobber with one of his best friends?


So a couple of weekends ago I got to go to Safford with Matt and Candee while Mark was at father and sons... without his son. (We decided the kids need to be out of diapers before they can go.) I got to visit my best friend Maranda and be there for her son Dyllans' 4th birthday party. Thanks Randa it was a blast! And while we were there, Candee's mom took some super cute pictures of Kaden and the kids while we were there. Thanks Sherry!!
The kids collecting eggs to eat for breakfast.

Here are some of my favorites!

What a STUD!
Sherry did a great job of capturing Kaden being himself!