Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still here...

I am slightly depressed to be sitting here able to post SOMETHING. I was hoping to be at the hospital or perhaps bringing home new baby Nick by now! I think I may be overly anxious because I had already delivered Kaden at this point. Oh well... maybe he still needs to cook a little longer! Wish us luck.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How's it going? It's going....

Here are the last few months in a few pictures. I haven’t been diligent in taking very many over the holiday’s even (shame on me), with hosting parties and having company I couldn't’t think past each moment to grab the camera and snap a shot.

For me I think becoming a little loopy during a pregnancy is going to be normal. Or maybe I just get LAZY. Whatever, I feel no guilt as I usually would have going this long without a post. I think that is perk when with child, we have an excuse! RIGHT?

October, halloween, and the cutest darn sheriff you ever did see!

No, Thanksgiving pictures? We were at the dunes the few days before the food festivities. Its all on video.


The treck to Young , we cut our Christmas tree! FUN,(flat tire and all) the weather was beautiful and we sure found a doosy.

Ward Christmas Party. On the same night we lit our front yard.

Brohem Christmas party,best shot at the target got to choose last gift in the gift exchange!

Carl Crandell won!

Girls Christmas Party. We pretty much rock!

Attempt at a fam pic. (not so hot) We did one with all the Johnson's, hopefully that turns out much better.

Along with the holidays comes the coveted time with all the family. We were lucky enough to have both of our families here this year. My fam. was here the week before Christmas and Marks the week after. Fun Fun Fun, no pics to prove it... but it was!

(food, carolling, candy making, food, zipline, shooting, food, hikes, food, movies, TIME TOGETHER, did I mention food?)

Winter in January.... where?