Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun at the park!

My friend told me about this really cool park the other day that has ducks the kids can feed, and a bunch of other birds and fish and stuff. So Candee and I decide to pack a lunch and take the kids for a picnic and bird watching. We had lunch by this little stream then the kids fed the ducks and we even dug for dinosaur bones, to make it even better there was no fussing for the 2 hours we were there and the weather was perfect! It was actually really fun until the geese showed up...

The kids were mezmorized, it was awesome!!

This duck has funny hair like feathers. Watch out, MEAN MOTHER COMIN!!

You gotta watch this video, the Geese were not scared of us at all. They were actually coming toward us! They were so loud and freekin the kids out (except Kaden). Notice Candee's shadow on the ground trying to scare them so they would leave. I didn't catch all of her attempts to shew them away, but it was so funny to see her do a little dance, flap her arms and stomp tward them!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Catch up!

So, I have been a little behind with keeping up on new post's, so here are a few things we have been doing the past couple of weeks.

Finally!! The Skousen Fam. had another addition! JETT Robbie Skousen was born 2 weeks ago. Good job Matt and Candy he is so stinkin CUTE!!

Mark finally finished all of his mom's tables YAH!
(with Kadens help of course)

And some pictures of our DIRTBOARDING adventures! Well, I guess we actually havent been up to much. Or nothing more to take note of anyways.
Hopefully we will have a more eventfull weekend!