Monday, June 9, 2008

Catch up!! (AGAIN)

Well, I guess it is time for me to sit down and get back on track. A lot has happened the past couple of weeks, we have been very busy. It all started two weeks ago when we were asked to speak in sacrament meeting. That very second Mark and I were asked, (which was right after Sunday school ended) the stress and panic of the situation hit a high! I tried to think of an excuse to say NO but I couldn't think quick enough before... "sure we would love to" came right out of MY mouth. All within that same second, I was thinking what the heck... did I just say that? To say the least, I was physically and mentally ill all last week! Well, we gave our talks yesterday and I survived. Don't worry about Mark he always does a great job, and never gets quite as nervous as I do. By the way, we spoke on how to recognize and understand the spirit. It went well, (or so people say).

Besides all that, Kaden is in a big boy bed now, and we decided to try what I though was going to be nearly impossible... POTTY TRAIN... all in the same week, I must be CRAZY!! Let me just say, I am amazed at my little man and the things he can accomplish!!
I will admit, the first week when we were at home, he was running around naked. (most of the time) But in one week, he only had 3 accidents, all on different days!! WOW! (I am sure that the frequently reminders, and reward with GUMMY WORMS and OTTER POPS had nothing to do with it... right!!) The next week, (which was this past week) was a little different. He got a stomach bug that was not very nice! So, he had a few more accidents, but he is back on track now and doing even better then before. Good job Kaden! Thank you for making it so easy!


Oh, I forgot to mention, Kaden started swim lessons last week to. Poor kid, I think I may be overloading him.

For Memorial day we had a day full of riding, shooting and a fabulous BBQ in Maricopa with my fam. A good time was had by all!

Last weekend we got to go on a serious quad ride!! It has been a long time waiting for me. Box Canyon was beautiful, and our destination, the Coke Ovens. It wasn't easy getting there, we had to go threw a train tunnel and across the bridge then cross a raging river and everything. That was quite the sight. Most people would turn around when they saw the river, (in fact they did, we saw a few people, they dared not take on the obstacle) but oh no... not us. Mark, with some help of some friends decided to carry the quads and bikes across because the water was too deep to ride threw. It was so fun! About half way threw the ride Candee and I had to ride doubles (it was actually quite fun because she gets just as excited over all the bumps and whoops as I do) because one of the other quads Mark friend was riding broke. Or should I say... the tire broke. Really, it just flew off when he was turning. Don't worry, Phill Hurst was inspired to bring zip ties, and we all returned back in one piece.

This is the train tunnel we have to go threw, and then the bridge we have to cross. SCARY!
Coke OvensThe Power of Zip Ties

Another exciting thing that happened was Marks B-Day. Yep, on D-Day. He didn't want to do anything super special, actually he wanted to work... silly boy! So, we started off the day with a peanut butter ice cream cake and presents from Kaden and yours truly. He worked all day, then we got to go on a hot date all by our selves thanks to Grandma!!! I guess that was special because it doesn't happen very often. So, I got to make 2 fun cakes in one week, because we celebrated Marks dad AKA Papa's b-day earlier in the week. It was a good time.

So there we have it, the past two weeks in not so much detail, but you get the idea!